Air Conditioning and Heater Repair: Tips for More Efficient Systems



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Everyone in Orange County will probably agree that air conditioning and heating systems are a true modern convenience that makes life better. After all, Orange County tends to see wide ranging temperatures throughout the year, making investing in air conditioning and heating important.

Although everyone enjoys heating and cooling, no one really enjoys having to pay large energy bills. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. According to trusted air conditioning repair and heater repair companies like Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating, there are many steps you can take to help improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems. Read more from this blog.


Air Conditioning Experts Share Tips on AC Maintenance And Repairs



Air Conditioning Experts Share Tips on AC Maintenance And Repairs

There will come a time when you turn your air conditioning unit on, only to be greeted with silence. Though this event is inevitable, it can nonetheless be a nasty shock for you.

While it’s true that air conditioning units cannot last forever, you can further extend its service life through regular maintenance. It’s also vital that you’re familiar with the warning signs of air conditioning problems early on. By being proactive in spotting these signs, you can prevent the need for costly repairs in the near future. Read more from this blog:

When Should You Call an Expert for Heater or Air Conditioning Repair?



Even if treated with the utmost care, an HVAC system will suffer some failures if it doesn’t receive regular maintenance. In fact, most air conditioning and heater failures occur during the season that you need these systems the most. After all, during these seasons, your HVAC works overtime to keep every occupant in your home or place of business comfortable.

During the hottest weather, it is therefore not rare to find residents and business owners queued up on the service list for air conditioning repair. Same goes for the coldest months and subsequent heater repair—all because Orange County building or home owners skimp on the cost of receiving HVAC maintenance. Read more from this blog:

Proper Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance for Good Health




Incorrect air conditioning unit installation and insufficient maintenance can spell the difference between clean, cold air and diseases. You might think that installing air conditioners is easy, yet incorrectly done, it can contribute to bad quality air. Likewise, air conditioning units need regular maintenance because water trapped in it can breed bacteria, mold, and vectors. Vectors refer to living organisms that can spread infectious diseases between humans or from animals to humans. Mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and ticks are examples of vectors. Vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue, and yellow fever, have led to millions of deaths globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Improper air conditioning unit installation can directly affect air quality, while poor maintenance can lead to settings favorable to vectors and parasites. Read more from this blog:

4 Problems that Require Air Conditioning Repair in Orange County, CA


While you can clean your air conditioner filter by yourself, some problems require expertise for proper diagnosis and repair. Improper unit maintenance, equipment deterioration, and severe weather conditions, among other factors, can lead to air conditioning unit problems. Watch out for these signs which require calling the nearest heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system experts in Orange County, CA.

Refrigerant Leaks

An air conditioner may be low on refrigerant because of leaks. Leaks cannot be resolved by adding refrigerant chemicals only. You should call a trained technician who will find and fix the leak, test the repaired sections and charge the system with the right quantity of refrigerant. In order to attain maximum air conditioner performance and efficiency, the refrigerant charge must exactly follow the manufacturer’s specification to avoid under or over-charging. Read more from this blog:

Need Some Advice in Buying Air Conditioning Systems for Your Home?



An air conditioner unit is a worthwhile investment, despite what it might originally cost. Whether it’s your first time buying an air conditioning unit for your Orange County home or replacing your aging one, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

How Big Should It Be?

The first thing that buyers should determine is what size of a system is needed. In other words, the unit you buy should produce the perfect cooling capacity for the room or house it will inhabit. For instance, if your system is too big, it will quickly cool your home, but it won’t run long enough to remove sufficient moisture or humidity from the air. As a result, you’ll feel cool but also clammy—not a great combination. Conversely, if the unit is too small, however, it will take forever to achieve the perfect temperature in your living space. Read more on this article:

Regular Maintenance can Help Homeowners Avoid Air Conditioning Repair


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The most important things are often those things people take for granted the most. Take your air conditioning unit, for instance. Homeowners can avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair by giving their AC a little bit of TLC. Check out these crucial air conditioning maintenance tips.

Replace the Air Filter

Over time, your air conditioner’s air filter will accumulate dust and debris. When this happens, air flow decreases and you must turn up the unit’s thermostat to attain the room temperature you desire. To save on electricity, make sure to replace the air filter regularly—up to once a month during summer and other high-use seasons. Read more on this article:

How to Troubleshoot Heater Issues

“Phoenix South sent out a guy at noon today. He determined the ignitor was burned out and the electrical board had issues.He initially thought I had to replace the board and the ignitor for $900+. After looking at the board, he determined the last technician I used, installed the board incorrectly which burned out the ignitor. He reinstalled the board and installed a new ignitor with a warranty for $205. I would recommend these guys to anyone having HVAC issues. Honesty, integrity and quality workmanship are hard to come by.”– Bob Cuneo


Getting a good review from a customer brings with it a great satisfactory feeling especially since his concern is typical this time of the year when most need heater repair.

Here are a few tips to prevent heater problems in the future but if these are too much for you to handle, call a heater repair Laguna Hills expert to do it for you:

Yearly Maintenance. Vacuum the area around your heater blower at least once a year. Clean the fan blades with a toothbrush followed by the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. It is also recommended that you place two to three drops of non-detergent motor oil into the ports which are near the motor shaft to lubricate it properly.

Gas Leak. Turn off the gas supply valve by rotating it one-quarter turn using a wrench. Immediately evacuate your house and call the gas utility or fire department afterward if you smell or suspect any gas leak.

Furnace with Pilot Light. Turn off the switch or the circuit breaker of the furnace before clearing the clogged pilot orifice with a thin wire.


Read more here:

Air Conditioning Components You Must Keep Clean for Good Maintenance


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Keeping your Orange County air conditioning unit well-maintained is crucial to making your unit last. However, what most homeowners don’t realize is that some AC defects begin from a lack of simple cleaning. Clogged ducts, weakened airflow, and other problems can be avoided if you take the time to clean your unit. Here are some of the important components to keep an eye out for when seeking maintenance and repair services.


This component of your air conditioning unit is responsible for the heat exchange process. As hot air passes through its exchanger section, the unit cools down, resulting in cool air blown out of the unit and into your room. Read more on this article.

Quickly Call a Pro for Air Conditioner Repair if these Red Flags Arise


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You may not need air conditioning during the wintertime, but it doesn’t mean that any repairs should be shelved until you use it again. In fact, the off-season is the best time to have your unit checked for maintenance or repair. Don’t wait until the end of the cold season and then start scrambling to make sure it works properly. You may be melting under the sweltering heat of the summer sun by then.

Equally, you shouldn’t have to wait until winter to schedule your unit for air conditioning repair in Orange County. Damages and the unit’s attrition can occur at any time of the year; you must be able to identify the problem so that you will know when to call an AC professional. Read more from this blog.